About iRedo

"The earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry

i-Redo started as part of our decision to focus consciously on reducing e-waste. As the official eCommerce partner of IT-Trade Services, we bring 20+ years of experience.

When the first batch of our refurbished items was processed in 1999 we didn’t think of the impact we would have on our customers and the environment. In the last 20 years, we have served over 500,000 customers with the best quality products across the globe.

  • Our first batch of processing started by collecting requirements from our customer site.
  • After which the data was wiped, we did tests to make sure our items were electrically safe and functional.
  • All the markings of wear and tear were either removed or replaced.
  • We installed a fresh operating system, did a quality check, cleaned, and sent out our first delivery.


Today the idea remains the same, to offer the best quality products at affordable prices but the process has become more refined. Now, we have a dedicated team of technicians working to make sure each product passes through a standardized quality check.

Our effort to reduce e-waste and a step towards sustainability has become more ingrained in our work culture. All Obsolete items are recycled to extract ferrous and non-ferrous materials through shredding and separation processes.

All equipment details including asset numbers are recorded and maintained in our database.

Developed by IT Trade Services @ 2021.
We pride ourselves on providing

Highest Quality and Lowest Prices

We offer warranties, dedicated customer service, and hassle-free returns on the off chance you change your mind.

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We Guarantee:

Products refurbished to original standards

Free Accessories

SSL secured payment options

No shipping charge

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We inspire confidence

They call us “The Great.”

Excellent customer service

Save hundreds on software and hardware costs

We are sustainable